Verse of the Day

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mary – Mother of God – Special Person – Not God

Mary, mother of Jesus, chosen by God to bear His Son. Yet, in every place in the Bible in which she is mentioned Mary is treated just like any other mother. In no place does Jesus refer to her in any terms which suggest she was more than his human mother. In no place does the Bible record any special treatment given her. In no place does the Bible accord her any of the special status we find in the invented Marianism.

Mary is to be admired, for the role she undertook was no easy task. The way was certain to be fraught with sorrow. Yet, she did undertake to do the thing which God asked of her. Most mothers are faced with similar joys and sorrows. Yet do not underestimate her strength. She answered when God called.

It might be comforting to have someone lower than God to talk to; someone we don’t have to look so far up to. But, what does Jesus say? Don’t pray to me, pray to the Father in my name. If we are not to pray to Jesus, but rather to pray to God in his name, what does that say about praying to Mary, or Saint Bob for that matter?

God, Blessed Trinity, God in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. No mention of Mary.