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Sunday, May 13, 2018

AOC Sunday Report

The AOC Sunday Report is RIGHT HERE!

Today is Mother's Day.  It is a day of appreciation for our mothers, those mothers who have brought us to this point in the world and those around us who every day put their children's welfare above their own and allow us to move forward in the manner God intended.

Happy Sunday after the Ascension!  If you aren't familiar with the 'Liturgical Year', you might want to read about the Ascension and figure out what this is all about.  Even if you are, you might want to learn more.

Rev Jack was on travel, so you have really great sermons from Bishop Roy, Rev Bryan, as well as one from me.  They are each quite different, you will enjoy them.

There are a lot of people who need your prayers, start with Jay, Shamu, Bruce and work out from there.

Have a great week ahead.  You are going to be alive anyway, accept God's grace and have a week to enjoy.


Church of the Faithful Centurion
Descanso, CA

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