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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why we do what we do

The Bible has what we need and it is that pretty and that simple.  Jesus' death on the Cross is the key to our eternal life.
But, what about things?

Why is the Cross no more?  Why is the Holy Grail lost to the ages?  Why is the Robe likewise gone? 

Because they never existed?


They are intentionally gone from this earth because God does not want us to worship things.  Things are of this earth, so is the Prince of this World.   The prohibition against graven images is telling.  Saints?  Those who follow Him are all saints.  Special saints?  Medal of Honor material, examples for us to follow, leaders of us all.  Pray to them.  To quote Paul, “God forbid!”  He wants us to worship Him only - the Holy Trinity - Father - Son and Holy Ghost.

There are no “spells”, magic totems, special words or gestures.  There is one way, Einbahnstraße.  No one has the key to heaven, only ONE has that key.

Liturgy?  It is our way of worship.  Can you worship properly non-liturgically.  I suppose so, I cannot; it is a personal failing of mine.  I need the help of others of like mind to focus my heart.

The Anglican church was the first of the churches formed, well before Rome, Antioch or the like.  Its focus was on God, not expanding its power, thus it did not look for earthly power.  When the invading horde came with the “real” Roman church, it was defiled.  The Reformation simply returned the Church in the land of the Angles to its pre-defiled state.  Nothing more, nothing less.

All these people who want sell a secret that only they know are at best charlatans, at worst active recruiters for the Devil.  Remember the words of GL Chesterton:

Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.


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