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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings from Around the World

If you are secure in Christ, you too shall rise from the tomb as He did. No man can save you, and no man can keep you in a lost state. Only Christ can give life eternal to all who believe!
Our adversary, the devil, has placed a sealed stone over the entrance to our hearts. It proclaims, as the Roman seal proclaimed, this is the property of Me! No other admitted here!
But when Christ comes to your heart, He commands that the stone be rolled away. Your heart had always been a tomb. It was destined for the eternity of death.
But when Christ commands the stone to be rolled away, He enters your heart and it becomes a Temple! He is no stone, but He is the Rock of Ages. He will keep your heart safely always. Believest thou this?”
Jerry L. Ogles
WJerry L. Ogles, D.D.
Presiding Bishop,
Anglican Orthodox Communion Worldwide


Dear Bishop Ogles, and members and friends of the Anglican Orthodox Church International,
I am not much of a sport fan, yet a few years ago I remember watching part of the Olympics, and thinking as I saw teams from various countries, "I have friends there." The friends, of course, are brothers and sisters in Christ who are also part of our beloved family, the Anglican Orthodox Church. What a privilege it is to stand with such people of faith and courage, and what a privilege to be a part of this great family. My warmest regards and prayers go up for all of you today, along with my best wishes for a blessed and joyful remembrance of our Lord's resurrection. Blessed Easter.
+Dennis Campbell, Bishop CoAdjutor

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

He died that we might live. He rose again that we might know we do also. There is no better proof of Jesus as your friend.

On Easter is the promise of our Lord realized. From this day almost 2,000 years ago the promise of eternal life was delivered in person by a Risen Lord.

You have eternal life; not when you die, but from the time you accept it to eternity.

You will live forever. Live like it!


Easter is a time to remember the great sacrifice and love of God through His Son Jesus Christ.
The Lord is risen. The Bible says,"O death, where is your sting? May this Easter bring more peace,joy & hope to this world. Happy Easter to all the Bishops, Clergy, Laity, members and friends
of AOC around the world.

+Ernest Jacob
Bishop of AOC in Pakistan

We wish you and the entire family of Anglican Orthodox Communion Worldwide.
A very Blessed “Good Friday”
and a very “Bright Easter”.

The Chairman Board of Directors, the Principal, Staff and Students,
Faith Theological Seminary
Gujranwala. Pakistan


From India



Rev. Rohan Nahamaiyah

From Argentina
Escala Eric12:13pm Apr 26th
hello Bishop Jerry, from Argentina happy Easter, God Bless you all!
Eric+ Escala


Dear in the Lord,

The Lord is risen
May you rejoice
in the triumph of the Lord
at Easter
Wishing you a happy
and blessed Easter.

yours in Christ,

+ John, ELURU.


Blessed Easter to you, also to all children of St Andrews.
Love from all Fiji children, and our family to each of you personally.
Lord be with you all.

The Rev. Jack Andrew
Servant in Christ

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Ps. 119:105

Wishing you a joyous Easter Day! We are all joyful here celebrating the Easter Day too.
Anthony Pangsiw
Archdeacon of Philipppine AOC

Greetings and Good Day to you!

Just to greet you all "HAPPY EASTER!!"

Best Wishes,
From all of us in the P.I.
Evelyn Masaway
National AOC Secretary, Philippines
The Easter greeting below arte from the Rev Geordie Menzies-Grierson in England:

Dear Bishop Jerry,
Could you pass on to the AOC in all it's vineyards my prayers and greetings for Easter.
Yours in Him

Rev. Geordie Menzies-Grierson
The below greetings from Bishop Garth Neel, Bishop of South American Missions, living in Regina, Canada.
Many thanks for your contributions to the Jerusalem News. I shall be taking copies of it with me when the Neels go over to Manitoba on Sunday to celebrate Easter with the folks in the AOC mission there.

All well here. Busy, etc.

You are always in our prayers.

+ Garth
Oh hombre ... ¿tú quien eres? ... Mejor es una fiel ignorancia que una ciencia temeraria ... San Pablo se dio por satisfecho con admirar. San Agustín.
Greetings below from my old friend, Bishop Joshua Raj, in Calgary:
Thanks for all the Easter greeting from around the world. It is wonderful to hear from all our our friends.
Because He lives.............we can live and have our Him.

A blessed Easter to all

Rt Rev Dr Joshua Raj
Bishop, South Asia Ministries

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this is a wonderful post hosting different easter greetings around the world. Happy Easter to all of my friends and family out there! Have a great Easter celebration!